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Friendship with the Jewish Community in Kiev, Ukraine

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Kyoto city and Kiev city in Ukraine established a sister city relationship in 1,971 and this year marks the 50th anniversary.

On this occasion, the Society for Jewish Culture of Ukraine in Kiev sent a letter of goodwill to Chabad Kyoto.

The letter was brought to us by Mr. Nobuhiro Terada, Artistic Director of Kiev National Ballet School. Ukraine is famous for its ballet, and there are many Jewish ballet dancers. Mr. Terada is from the family of the Terada Ballet and Art School in Kyoto, Japan, and studied ballet in Ukraine from his childhood. He is a long-time friend of Mr. Alexander Suslensky, the president of the Society for Jewish Culture of Ukraine, and it was through this relationship that he brought the letter all the way to us.

Mr. Terada received a letter back from Chabad Kyoto and a kippah (Jewish cap) of Chabad Kyoto as a commemorative gift, and we held a letter exchange meeting.

We are very happy that we could play a part in strengthening the bond between Kyoto and Kiev. We will continue our activities to spread the light of goodwill.

Rabbi Moti receiving the letter from Mr. Terada.

Rabbi Moti giving our reply to Mr. Terada



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