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Start a reading group for non-Jews

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

 In Judaism, a non-Jew is considered to be a good non-Jew if he or she follows a simple set of commandments called the "Seven Laws of Noah.

 However, while the Jewish commandments are considered to have 613 commandments, Noah's 7 laws have only 7, which is very simple. It is so simple that some people may be confused. There should be a way of thinking behind the laws and criteria for when you are not sure about a decision.

 This book is already mentioned in the book recommendation, but I, a staff of Chabad Kyoto, newly got this big book called "The Divine Code," which is about 700 pages long and explains Noah's seven laws in detail (see photo).

 I would like to organize a reading group to read this book regularly little by little to see what a good way of life is for non-Jews. You can become an initial member now and read the book from the beginning. Please contact us to arrange the date, time, and day. I'm planning to do the group in Japanese, but, as you see, the book is in English.

 There seems to be a reading group overseas that is reading the same book.

(written by Staff U)




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